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Stylish & Luxury Office Supplies

Inspire your creativity

We spend so much of our time in our offices. I truly believe that we should love the space we work in; and next to a functional office space is beautiful accessories.


Oak Lane has an ever-growing shop full of beautiful and functional office supplies for you to accent your office. Amusez-vous!

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I'm Speaking

Case Closed

Be The Exception

Luxury Pens

Oak Lane has two stunning pens. Both pens offer an executive weight to them, as they fit comfortably in your hand, awaiting your day’s to-do list or important signatures. The ink is black, to match with anything, of course, and is smudge free - cheers to our left handed friends!

You won't use another pen again - case closed!

Office Eye Candy

Explore our ever-expanding collection of functional and beautiful office supplies that add an executive aesthetic to your space. 

Hi, I'm Roxanne

I am a Mother and Wife, Photographer, and Entrepreneur. Oak Lane was created out of my passion and love for interior design and beautiful accessories. I am SO excited to keep growing this line with more charming, functional, and luxury office decor.

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